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Press Release – 25/02/2022

Local dealer is making waves as a team that fully embraces the Porsche philosophy to strive for excellence

Porsche Centre Trinidad and Tobago Excelling in the Latin American Region

Port of Spain. Porsche Centre Trinidad and Tobago continues to grow and be more recognized in the Latin American Region thanks to the service support from local internal and external stakeholders associated with the brand. Porsche, a world-wide recognized automotive brand, has earned the reputation of providing one of the most exciting driving experiences known to automobile enthusiasts. Customers rarely want to consider the possibility of their Porsche vehicle involved in a collision, but if this becomes a reality it is crucial to have the most exacting repair and reconstructive techniques and materials to assure that your “Porsche Perfect” driving experience is not diminished.

Assuring Porsche’s high standards of performance and quality requires skilled and trained professionals who adhere strictly to Porsche restoration procedures. Lifestyle Motors has a long-standing relationship with Ventura Auto Bodyshop who is the authorized Porsche Collision Centre for Trinidad. They work hand in hand to ensure the procedures required to retain the value of a customer’s Porsche is always top priority. The management team at Ventura is extremely committed to make sure they followed all the guidelines by Porsche international and only use of genuine Porsche parts, materials, tools and equipment. ‘We are confident that Ventura Auto Bodyshop provides our Porsche customers in Trinidad and Tobago with the best quality repairs. Their due diligence to the process allows our Porsche owners to feel comfortable that we maintain their original performance and safety and best of all their value is not affected,’ Nicholas McDonald, Commercial and Business Development Manager for Lifestyle Motors.

The Porsche brand hold very high standards globally. Every Porsche Collision Centre is evaluated by Porsche AG to ascertain their ability to repair and restore Porsche vehicles to their high criteria for the owners comfort with an emphasis on both safety and value. Porsche vehicles are manufactured with a combination of advanced materials which includes aluminium, high-strength steel, magnesium and carbon fibre. Ventura is the only body shop in Trinidad and Tobago equipped for these types of repairs.

Ventura Auto Bodyshop has been the best body shop ally for Porsche Latin America not only in Trinidad and Tobago but in the Caribbean. Since Porsche started to roll out the Light Weight Body Repair (LWBR) programme in the Latin American Region, Mr. Annan Rajpaulsingh did not think twice on investing in the special tools that Porsche required to appropriately repair the Porsche vehicles manufactured with the latest technology using different materials such as aluminium, cast aluminium, high-strength steel, magnesium, carbon fibre, etc. He also knows the importance of investing on his technical team by having his technicians participate in Porsche’s repair processes training programmes. This is a significant factor adding to Ventura Auto Bodyshop as the most reliable external body shops that Porsche customers can count on’, Esteban Rico, After Sales Regional
Manager for Porsche Latin America.

The Ventura team has been committed to the Porsche brand and Lifestyle Motors for six (6) years and counting. From their annual audit in 2021 they were recognized by Porsche Latin America as a leader in the region. Annual audits are mandatory for all Porsche Collision Centres to ensure factory standards and procedures are always maintained. ‘Ventura Auto Bodyshop has been in business for the last thirty-five (35) years. We worked hard to always be ahead of the game with technology and best business practices. Porsche is a brand that for everyone who has passion for cars know they are a leader in the industry. As a Porsche Cayenne driver and proud owner, I enjoy the driving performance every day when I head out to the workshop. The Lifestyle Motors team is like family to us at Ventura. We work with them to make sure our customers are always our top priority. Therefore, we have invested heavily in not just equipment but in training our technicians. Everyone must be Porsche certified to work on a Porsche vehicle,’ Annan Rajpaulsingh, Managing Director/Owner of Ventura Auto Bodyshop.

Porsche Centre Trinidad and Tobago continues to grow in the market with the introduction of the Porsche Taycan and new full electric models in the horizon. The success of the brand is directly tied into customer loyalty. This is one of the key reasons Porsche ensures that their support team lives and breathes the same vision shared by the parent company. It’s no doubt that Porsche Centre Trinidad and Tobago is on target to make waves in 2022 as an impending market for the Latin American Region.

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